About Us

Silver Anvil Engineering Corporation was formed in 1978.

Our Mission: To engineer chemical solutions for uncommon needs,
and return residual materials to industry uses.

Founders and Functions: Roger Neuscheler is the founder and President of the corporation.
Number of Employees: The Corporation has a nucleus of 8 Team Members.

Location of the Business and Branches:

The Corporation is located in Commerce City, Colorado with a branch facility in Golden, Colorado and an office in Lone Tree, Colorado.

Description of Plant or Facilities:

Our plant is designed to receive materials for recovery of metals and the recycling of residuals, primarily plastics. It is also set up for the production of metal recovery products.

Products Manufactured/Services Rendered: 

Our primary service is to reclaim precious metals and plastics for our clients.

Banks and Investors:

We are privately owned and operated.

Summary of Growth and Market Highlights:

Our plan is to expand industry awareness of our unique ability to destroy archival data and recover contained metals and plastics. We recover precious metals and plastics from computers and computer related materials. The Corporation has been able to sustain itself for the last 25 years through market lows and uncertainties.

Summary of Future Plans:

  • Expand the use of our expertise to recover precious metals in related industries.
  • Expand industry awareness of our ability to destroy archival data and recover valuable materials for reuse.
  • Find chemical solutions for industry challenges to minimize waste.