Used Equipment For Sale

We sell our used equipment that has been refurbished to run as close to as new as possible with a reasonable discounted price. Check out all our categories of equipment that we have in stock and ready to sell.

(Come back often to this page as we will be updating it frequently)

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Laboratory Equipment

Mixer stand with heater

Trip Balance

Specific Gravity Balance

Power Supplies

Laboratory Wilfley shaking table with new deck

Mettler Torsion Balance

Mineral Processing Equipment


Sweeco 4ft Sieve Shaker (with over 15 sieves)

Smelting Equipment

MIFCO – Complete Smelting System

B-70 Speedimelt Furnace



55 Gallon Drums/Barrels


Barrel Dollies

Liquid Pumps



Hull Cell (for use with Rotacat)

PL Stacker – Manual Lift